Feeder - dry feed and no wastage!

All the design features on the Leghorn chicken feeder are there for a very specific reason. When designing this feeder we consulted with egg producers to focus on challenges or problems they were identifying. It is made with galvanised sheet for obvious anti-rust properties. In addition to that, we have ensured the feeder is built low to the ground to prevent your hens laying eggs underneath as they have a tendency to do.

No scratch feed panel

The no-scratch feed panel allows the hens to access only the feed they need. They are unable to scratch the feed from the feeder onto the ground.

Side wings

The side wings are designed to protect the feed from bad weather. It also offers a degree of shade and protection to the hens whilst they're feeding.


The lid is designed to cover the entire perimeter of the feeder to prevent any water entering the feeder.

Optional 'easy load' panel

The optional 'easy load' panel requires minimal waist-height handling of 25 kg bags. You can even rest them on the feeder from the back of your utility if you're close enough. Once opened, the bags then virtually empty themselves thanks to this simple but effective addition to our feeders. If you're using Bulka Bags, order the feeder without the optional panel.

NEW! Flat packed feeder version

Save money on freight with our new Flat packed feeder. Capacity is still the same - 800kg. The feeder has the same features as normal feeder such as skid feeder, slide lid and also Australian made and design.

As well as buying a Leghorn shed we also bought the Leghorn chicken feeder and found that it has eliminated all feed waste.

Eileen Moriarty - Part Owner - Long Paddock Eggs 

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  • Capacity: 800kgs
  • No scratch feed panel
  • Side wings
  • Waterproof
  • ​Manufactured with galvanised sheet
  • Transportation method: skids