A Leghorn Shed is working long
after you've finished your day

Your Leghorn shed has been designed to reduce labour input and improve efficiency wherever possible. This can be achieved by programming and automating a number of tasks to increase productivity, egg cleanliness, reduce hen mortality and broodiness.

Nest boxes
Automatic Timed
Hen Exclusion Panels

These panels gently and slowly persuade the girls to exit the nesting boxes and assume their place on internal wooden perches.

Timed to exclude the hens from the nesting boxes at night, the panels prevent them from soiling the eggs and minimise the chances of the hens becoming broody. The panels then retract in the morning to allow the girls to re-enter the nest boxes, lay their eggs and then return to foraging for bugs and worms amongst your pasture.

Automatic Timed
LED Lighting

Evenly spaced and timed internal LED lighting assists in a number of ways. On dusk of each day as the sun sets, your automatic timed LED lighting will switch on. The hens are attracted to the light and are drawn in to roost for the night.

As they shuffle along their roost and find their place, the light will go out. This causes the hen to sit on her haunches and stay put. With an evenly spread light source you are able to avoid the hens piling, therefore reducing smothering and stock losses. 

Having started with repurposed caravans, finding a Leghorn 1500 shed has reduced our labour input and improved our management dramatically. The nest box system means our eggs are always clean, reducing double-handling and waste. When we are ready to expand again, we'll be going back to Mick for another shed.

Eileen Moriarty - Part Owner - Long Paddock Eggs

Increasing wider use of your land

Being fully mobile means pasture improvement can take place almost anywhere on your farm. Your free range egg enterprise can follow and compliment other farming practices as some farmers often do with cattle and sheep, or it can indeed stand on it's own by utilising areas that may have been otherwise inaccessible, improving your soil profile and productivity.

Free range chicken shed
Optional Hydraulic
Independent Suspension

An option for your shed is the Hydraulic Independent Suspension. This allows you to adjust the levels on your shed and combined with the electronic nest box leveler it allows your shed to adapt to environment and allows greater use of your land.

​There are no back breaking manual adjustments as it's all hydraulically driven and it allows you to raise or lower your shed according to weather conditions so that the girls can be housed in relative comfort.

Optional Hydraulic
Independent Suspension

Having adjusted the shed on one level using the independent hydraulic suspension, you'll also need to be mindful of the nest box levels too. Crucial to ensuring the nest boxes stay level and the normal slope allows eggs to roll towards the conveyor belt, the electronic levelling feature enables you to keep control of the nest boxes using a spirit level.

Cleaner eggs and less handling

Unnecessary extra handling can adversely impact upon your product. With a porous shell and our skin being covered with any number of residue or oils left over from other activities, it's worth noting that the less you handle your product the better. That's why we've sought to maintain control by manufacturing our own nest boxes here in Australia. This way we can tweak and improve them to ensure you get the cleanest eggs ever!

AstroTurf® Lined Nest
Boxes with Rollaway Floors

In addition to the above reason, a great deal of time and effort can be taken up double-handling dirty eggs. Leghorn sheds have Australian made nest boxes lined with AstroTurf® rollaway floors to ensure eggs are kept clean and contamination is kept to a minimum. This feature also assists in reducing broodiness.

Variable Speed Electronic
Conveyor Belt

The variable speed electronic egg conveyor belt has been shown, in recent tests we conducted, to reduce collection times by anywhere up to 66% on old methods of housing. The electronic controls of the conveyor belt allow you to easily control the rate and speed of egg delivery with the area being lit by LED lighting to help during overcast days and in poor weather.

Leghorn Sheds come with various sizes and options

Free Ranger S  150-200 Hens

L 6.6m x W 2.45m

One tier nesting boxes

500l on-board water

solar panel

4 external drinkers

Other standard features

Extra options available

Free Ranger M  400-500 Hens

L 6.6m x W 3.7m

One tier nesting boxes

l on-board water

solar panel

6 external drinkers

Other standard features

Extra options available

Free Ranger L  800-1000 Hens

L 7.5m x W 3.7m

Two tier nesting boxes

on-board water

120W solar panel

8 external drinkers

Other standard features

Extra options available

Free Ranger XL1300-1500 Hens

L 9.45m x W 3.7m

Two tier nesting boxes

1000l on-board water

120W solar panel

10 external drinkers

Other standard features

Extra options available